Care and Feeding of Large-Scale Web Services

Spring 2014


Advances in cloud technologies are making it easier than ever to build web services. Today, one can choose from a number of cloud providers to build web sites, mobile and web apps. Successful scaling of such services, however, requires understanding and solutions to a range of issues.

This course discusses technologies that are critical to successful operation of large-scale web services, including: global load balancing, understanding and monitoring of client-side latency, choices of inter-server RPCs, data storage technologies, data center fabrics, cluster management, and log analysis systems. The goal is to equip students with a good understanding of challenges and current solutions for scaling services.

There is no homework; instead, students are expected to read background materials and attend class discussions.


Instructors:     Pei Cao, Dr. Peter Danzig and Guest Lecturers
Lectures:     Mon afternoon 4:15pm - 5:30pm, building 200-013