Collusion Resistant Broadcast Encryption With Short Ciphertexts and Private Keys

Authors: D. Boneh, C. Gentry, and B. Waters

We describe two new public key broadcast encryption systems for stateless receivers. Both systems are fully secure against any number of colluders. In our first construction both ciphertexts and private keys are of constant size (only two group elements), no matter what the subset of receivers is. The public key size in this system is linear in the total number of receivers. Our second system is a generalization of the first that provides a tradeoff between ciphertext size and public key size. For example, we achieve a collusion resistant broadcast system for n users where both ciphertexts and public keys are of size O(sqrt(n)) (for any subset of receivers). We discuss several applications of these systems.

In proceedings of Crypto '05, LNCS 3621, pp. 258-275, 2005

Full paper: pdf         [first posted 2/2005 ]