Introduction to Cryptography and Computer Security

(Winter 1999)



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Lectures:   Monday, Wednesday, 12:50 - 2:05, Gates B03.


Homework #1: postscript, pdf .   Solutions: postscript, pdf.
Due Wednesday, Jan. 27th.
Homework #2: postscript, pdf.     Solutions: MSword, pdf.
Due Wednesday, Feb. 17th.
Homework #3: postcript, pdf
Due Wednesday, Mar. 3rd.
Programming assignment:  MSword, postsciprt, pdf.   Java source.
Due Friday, Mar. 12th.


Feel free to take the final at either of the following two dates:

Option 1: Monday, March 15th, 3:30pm - 6:30pm Skiling Aud.
Option 2: Thursday, March 18th, 8:30am - 11:30am Gates B03.


Course syllabus
AES Candidates.
Very basic number theory fact sheet.
A bit of cryptanalysis of RSA.  There is alot more to it.
Last year's final exam: postscript

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