A Graduate Course in Applied Cryptography

Dan Boneh and Victor Shoup

Table of contents at a glance

Part I: Secret key cryptography
  1. Introduction
  2. Encryption
  3. Stream ciphers
  4. Block ciphers
  5. Chosen plaintext attacks
  6. Message integrity
  7. Message integrity from universal hashing
  8. Message integrity from collision resistant hashing
  9. Authenticated encryption
Part II: Public key cryptography
  1. Public key tools
  2. Public key encryption
  3. Chosen ciphertext secure public-key encryption
  4. Digital signatures
  5. Fast signatures from one-way functions
  6. Analysis of number theoretic assumptions
  7. Elliptic curve cryptography and pairings
  8. Lattice based cryptography
Part III: Protocols
  1. Identification protocols
  2. Signatures from identification protocols
  3. Authenticated key exchange
  4. Key establishment with online trusted third parties
  5. Two-party and multi-party secure computation
  1. Basic number theory
  2. Basic probability theory
  3. Basic complexity theory
  4. Probabilistic algorithms


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