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Antelope Canyon
Upper Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon that is almost entirely enclosed from the top. The small amounts of light that gets in illuminates the walls and makes them glow. Since Upper Antelope Canyon is part of the Navajo Nation, they require a guide to bring you to the canyon. The best rates are found by going to the entrance to the Indian reservation site near the powerplant and signing up for a guide with the Indian family that lives there. The extra benefit of signing up with them is that you get to also visit Rattlesnake Canyon, which only they have the permits to bring visitors to.

antelopecanyon00-n Taking a photo of a nearby powerplant while waiting for the Upper Antelope Canyon tour. Taken by Nancy. antelopecanyon01 Upper Antelope Canyon is mostly enclosed on the top. There are a few openings that allow shafts of light to drop down around noon and this light makes the walls glow. antelopecanyon13-n Taking a photo in Antelope Canyon. Taken by Nancy. antelopecanyon02 Rear entrance. antelopecanyon03 Serene and I at the rear entrance. antelopecanyon04 antelopecanyon05 The light in the background is from the front entrance. antelopecanyon06 antelopecanyon07 antelopecanyon08 antelopecanyon09 antelopecanyon10 antelopecanyon11 antelopecanyon12 If you look closely, Serene and I are standing behind Nancy and Xuanming. antelopecanyon13 antelopecanyon14 Nancy and Xuanming near the top of Antelope Canyon. antelopecanyon15 Descending to another nearby canyon. antelopecanyon14-n Serene and I near the top of Antelope Canyon. Taken by Nancy.