SSLv3/TLS and SSLv2 Sniffer

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A SSLv3/TLS and SSLv2 proxy server that sniffs SSL/TLS packets and prints out the contents of packets in stdout. It can also serve as a (not very efficient) proxy server. Check out some sample output. Note that this tool does not decrypt or even attempt to decrypt the traffic that is routed through it.


The FAQ page can be found here.

Download the SSL Sniffer - Current Version 1.21 (October 10th 2001)

The sniffer distribution page contains instructions on how to download and install the sniffer. Limited support is available. Please send mail to me (eujin at


There is some documentation on SSLv3/TLS and other details about the implementation of the sniffer on the documentation page.

Project Members

Eu-Jin Goh, Stanford University
Dan Boneh, Stanford University