i was previously an ee phd student at stanford,
under the direction of prof. dan boneh in the applied crypto group.
my resume is available upon request.

research interests:

applied crypto, security and systems.

publications and projects:

A. Langley, N. Modadugu, and B. Moeller. Transport Layer Security (TLS) False Start
[ internet draft ]

Niels Provos, Dean McNamee, Panayiotis Mavrommatis, Ke Wang, and Nagendra Modadugu. The Ghost in the Browser: Analysis of Web-based Malware
In the Proceedings of Usenix Hotbots 2007. [ pdf ]

N. Modadugu, and E. Rescorla. Extensions for Datagram Transport Layer Security (TLS) in Low Bandwidth Environments.
[ internet draft ]

N. Modadugu, and E. Rescorla. AES Counter Mode Cipher Suites for TLS and DTLS.
[ internet draft ]

H. Shacham, M. Page, B. Pfaff, E.-J. Goh, N. Modadugu, and D. Boneh. On the Effectiveness of Address-Space Randomization.
In the proceedings of ACM CCS 2004. [ ps ] [ pdf ]

N. Modadugu, and E. Rescorla. The Design and Implementation of Datagram TLS.
In Proceedings of NDSS 2004. [ ps ] [ pdf ] [ RFC4347 ] [ project ]

E.-J. Goh, H. Shacham, N. Modadugu, and D. Boneh. SiRiUS: Securing Remote Untrusted Storage.
In Proceedings of NDSS 2003. [ ps ] [ pdf ]

P. Golle and N. Modadugu. Authenticating Streamed Data in the Presence of Random Packet Loss.
In Proceedings of NDSS 2001. [ ps ] [ pdf ] [ project ]

N. Modadugu, D. Boneh, and M. Kim. Generating RSA keys on the PalmPilot with the help of an untrusted server.
In Proceedings of RSA 2000. [ ps ] [ pdf ] [ project ]

open source:

DTLS support for OpenSSL.
TLS Session Ticket support for NSS (part of Firefox 3.0).
OpenSSL performance improvement patches: asynchronous RSA, false start (cut-through), memory usage reduction.

nagendra g. modadugu [ april 2, 2011 ]