Software for Server aided RSA key Generation on Palm Pilot


Description The package includes C++/C code for both the server and PalmPilot
System Requirements
  1. Windows NT running Remote Access Service (RAS) (see below for set-up instructions)
  2. Palm Pilot and cradle, or Palm Emulator
  3. C++ compiler for server code. We used MS Visual C++ 6.0
  4. Metrowerks CodeWarrior, Pilot Edition R5 or above for compiling Pilot code.

Getting things Running

  1. Start a new Visual C++ project. From the New dialog box, select Win32 Console Application
  2. Add all the .c, .cc and .h files from the server directory to the project. Also make sure that additional include directories is set up in project settings
  3. Start up RAS. It may not be installed on your machine, so you may have to find your Windows NT installation CD to configure RAS. For installation instructions look here
  1. Start a new Metwowerks CodeWarrior project. From the New dialog box, select PalmOS, Multi-Segment
  2. Add all the .c, .cc, and .h files from the Pilot directory to the project. In project settings, make sure that the prefix file is set to prefix.h
  3. You may either run the program on the Emulator or the Palm device itself. However the Emulator does not give the same running times.
The code is available for download here
Last modified: Thu Oct 14 23:05:21 PDT 1999