Access Control: Theory and Practice

Instructor: Ninghui Li


    Please contact the instructor if there is any question about prerequisites. 

General Info:

This course is aimed towards graduate students in Computer Science and ECE.  Undergraduate students interested in taking the course should contact the instructorIn addition to covering established results in this area, we will also investigate the state of art of access control theory and techniques both in research literature and in commercial systems.

The goals of this course are the following.  

This course will be divided into three parts.  

Topics to be covered (tentative) include:

Students will have a semester-long medium-size project that will be related to the above topics and that will have a research flavor.  A list of project topics will be provided in class.  Students are also welcome to come up with project ideas. 

A typical project involves


No textbook is required; the main source of reference will be papers, lecture notes, and slides.  Everyone is expected to read a core set of papers.  Each student also needs to read and present papers related to their project.  The following is an incomplete list of required readings.

Although no textbook is require, the following books are helpful references.  The first three are popular textbooks; and they overlap to a certain degree.  Reading the chapters related to access control in some of the following books could be helpful: