Secure Distributed Computing Implementation

Rishi Kacker and Matt Pauker
{rkacker, mpauker}

The following page describes the results attained from implementing and testing a simulation of a securely distributed computation.  We provide the following material:

  1. The source code for the simulation
  2. The paper Implementation of a Perfectly Secure Distributed Computing System which describes the results and conclusions
  3. Reference to the paper Distibuted Computing with Payout which describes the secure protocol.


     The increased interest in financially-driven distributed computations has necessitated greater scrutiny of the security and optimality of these distributions. We examine the real-world benefits of one proposed security solution by developing a simulation of a distributed computation that implements an algorithm to redundantly compute individual tasks, an algorithm to choose participants for task computation, and an algorithm to pay participants for successfully completing their work. We analyze the results of the simulations and describe the advantages the framework offers to commercial distributed computations.