Modern Identity-Based Encryption and Applications

By Xavier Boyen;

At the 1st workshop on Pairings in Cryptography, Dublin City University, Ireland, June 2005.

Invited presentation.


Since the advent of the celebrated Boneh-Franklin algorithm, research on identity-based encryption, and indeed, pairing-based cryptography, has gained an enormous momentum. From new curve and pairing constructions to innovative protocols and applications, the field has seen many recent and exciting developments.

In this talk, I will give an overview of the state of the art in identity-based encryption proper. I will review the Boneh-Boyen algorithm, and detail the reasons why, when implemented on modern asymmetric pairings, it offers the best in terms of security, efficiency, and simplicity. I will then present a few recent extensions to the system, such as hierarchical IBE with minimal overhead, and a very cute way of achieving (threshold) chosen ciphertext security without MACs or signatures.


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