DRM 2002

2002 ACM Workshop on Digital Rights Management

November 18, 2002 
The Wyndham City Center Washington DC, USA

Held in conjunction with the Ninth ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS-9)

Preliminary Workshop Program

Monday, November 18, 2002
  9:00am Opening Remarks and Announcements:
J. Feigenbaum (Yale University)
  Session 1 Chair: M. Yung (Columbia University)
  9:15am - 9:40 A White-Box DES Implementation for DRM Applications
S.Chow, P. Eisen, H. Johnson, and P.C. van Oorschot (Cloakware Corporation).
  9:40am - 10:05 Attacking an obfuscated cipher by injecting faults
M. Jacob (Princeton University), D. Boneh (Stanford University), and E. Felten (Princeton University)
  10:05am - 10:30    Breaking and Repairing Asymmetric Public-Key Traitor Tracing
A. Kiayias (University of Connecticut) and M. Yung (Columbia University)
  10:30am-11:00 Morning Break
  Session 2 Chair: J. Feigenbaum (Yale University)
  11:00am - 12:00 Key Challenges in DRM: An Industry Perspective
B. LaMacchia (Microsoft Corporation)
  12:00pm - 12:15 Discussion
  12:15pm-1:30 Lunch Break
  Session 3 Chair: D. Boneh (Stanford University)
  1:30pm - 1:55 Public Key Broadcast Encryption for Stateless Receivers
Y. Dodis and N. Fazio (New York University)
  1:55pm - 2:20 Traitor Tracing for Corrupted Fingerprints
R. Safavi-Naini and Y. Wang (University of Wollongong)
  2:20pm - 2:45 Evaluating New Copy-Prevention Techniques for Audio CDs
J. A. Halderman (Princeton University)
  2:45pm - 3:00 Break
  Session 4 W. Buhse (Bertelsmann Digital World Services)
  3:00pm - 3:25 Towards Meeting the Privacy Challenge: Adapting DRM
L. Korba (National Research Council of Canada) and S. Kenny (Independent Consultant)
  3:25pm - 3:50 Implementing Copyright Limitations in Rights Expression Languages
D. Mulligan and A. Burstein (UC Berkeley School of Law)
  3:50pm - 4:15 The darknet and the future of content distribution
P. Biddle, P. England, M. Peinado, and B. Willman (Microsoft Corporation)
  4:15pm - 4:45 Break
  Session 5 T. Sander (Hewlett Packard Labs)
  4:45pm - 5:10 Replacement Attack on Arbitrary Watermarking Systems
D. Kirovski and F. Petitcolas (Microsoft Research)
  5:10pm - 5:35 FAIR: Fair Audience InfeRence
R. Johnson (UC Berkeley) and J. Staddon (Palo Alto Research Center)
  5:35pm - 6:00 Theft protected proprietary certificates
A. Boldyreva (UC San Diego) and M. Jakobsson (RSA Laboratories)
  6:00pm End

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