1st TIPPI Workshop

Trustworthy Interfaces for Passwords and Personal Information

Speaker: Dave Jevans, Anti-Phishing Working Group

Title: Evolution of The Threat and its Impact on Requirements

The threat environment is changing. Stolen identity information is the new currency of the cyber-crime underground, and attacks against consumers and companies are increasingly targeted at stealing identities and access credentials. Recent high-profile attacks have resulted in hundreds of thousands of consumer identities being stolen. Phishing exploits are increasingly combining with crimeware distribution. Crimeware keyloggers, Trojans and polymorphic cloaking technology creates an untrusted environment on end-user computers. Even the network is being attacked, with DNS cache poisoning attacks (so-called "pharming") being used to divert users to spoofed and malicious websites. Evidence indicates that consumer credit cards and bank account details are not the only thing that is being targeted en-masse. The latest attacks seem to be going after passwords to online services and even corporate intranets. Man-in-the middle attacks are also now a reality, and not just a theoretical possibility. The evolving nature of these attacks will be discussed, and their impact on the types of solutions that must be developed will be explored.

Dave Jevans is the Chairman of the Anti-Phishing Working Group (www.antiphishing.org), a consortium of over 800 financial services companies, ISPs, law enforcement agencies and technology vendors dedicated to fighting email fraud and identity theft online. Dave is a recognized industry expert in Internet security and online fraud. Dave's distinguished career in Internet security includes executive management positions at Teros (www.teros.com) Tumbleweed Communications (NASDAQ: TMWD), Valicert and Receipt.com. He is intimately familiar with all phases of high-tech company lifecycle including startup, mergers and acquisitions, IPO and being publicly traded. In addition, Dave has served in operational and management roles at Apple Computer, Catapult and Differential. Dave is frequently quoted by the media, including American Banker, Bank Technology News, CIO Magazine, CNN, Information Week, MSNBC, PC Magazine, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post. Dave is the inventor of several U.S. patents, and has a Master of Science degree from University of Calgary, Canada.

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