1st TIPPI Workshop

Trustworthy Interfaces for Passwords and Personal Information

Speaker: Dave Steeves, Microsoft

Title: Securing Online Transactions with a Trusted Digital Identity

The ever increasing desire to use the web for Online Banking, Trading and E-Commerce is generally countered with a fear of technology and its inherent insecurity. By first defining the problem space that plagues "Online Transactions" and then identifying weaknesses, we can begin to find a secure solution. If the solution is designed by mitigating the threats associated with "Online Transactions", it will become more widely trusted. To solve this problem and have it accepted by users, "Online Transaction" implementations need to be both highly usable and highly secure.

The goal of this talk is to present one idea which would allow secure online transactions to take place on an untrusted computer, over an untrusted internet. This talk will conclude with some current research on creating a trusted digital identity and ask for feedback from the audience.

David Steeves is a Security Software Engineer in Microsoft's System Protection Products Team, working to increase security protection offerings to customers. Past work includes forensics, crypto-math and strategic forecasting at the Communication Security Establishment, Ottawa. Masters of Math thesis research with Dr. Panario to break the Powerline cryptosystem at Carleton University and Masters Comp Science research/coursework at U. of Ottawa in Structural Complexity Theory.

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