The First AdFraud Workshop

Sponsored by the PORTIA project and TRUST.

Date:    Friday, Sep. 14, 2007

Program:    Speakers and Workshop Program

    Stanford University,
CIS Paul Allen Building,
Auditorium, Room 101
Directions to CIS building (right next to Gates CS building).
List of hotels near Stanford.

Attendance at the workshop is free.

    Markus Jakobsson, Indiana University
Dan Boneh, Stanford University

Workshop Focus

Click fraud and related attacks, along with their countermeasures, are topics of increasing commercial importance. The workshop will focus on technical and social techniques for committing ad fraud. Topics of interest include but are not limited to: Evolution of threats; defenses against large scale ad fraud attacks; measurements of ad fraud rates; ad fraud attacks exploiting bot-nets; general countermeasures (statistical, financial, or based on web content); fraud that is not currently identified as such by terms of service; traffic generation techniques; and rank manipulation, both as it relates to search engine results and to banner selections;

Anticipated outcome: An improved understanding of vulnerabilities and countermeasures; better adversarial and economical models; an open dialog between parties interested in reducing ad fraud rates.

More Information: For more information, please contact Markus Jakobsson or Dan Boneh.