AdFraud'07 Workshop

Sponsored by the PORTIA project and TRUST.

Date:    Friday, Sep. 14, 2007

    Stanford University,
CIS Paul Allen Building,
Auditorium, Room 101
Directions to CIS Auditorium.
Parking strucure map.

Speakers and Workshop Program

Friday, Sep. 14, 2007
9:30-9:40 Opening Remarks   [slides]
Dan Boneh and Markus Jakobsson
Session 1
9:40-10:20 Anecdotes from the Front Line   [slides]
Kourosh Gharachorloo and the Traffic Quality Team, Google Inc.
10:20-11:00 Combatting Click Fraud using Premium Clicks   [slides]
Sid Stamm, Indiana University and RavenWhite
11:00-11:15 Morning Break
Session 2
11:15-11:40 Clickfraud: Survey of threats  
Brendan Kitt and the Microsoft Clickfraud Team, Microsoft
11:40-12:20 Competition and Fraud in Online Advertising Markets  
Bob Mungamuru, Stanford University and Stephen Weis, Google, Inc.
12:20-1:30 Lunch
Session 3
1:30-2:10 Yahoo click fraud protection platform  
Boris Klots, Yahoo! Inc.
2:10-2:50 Detecting fraudulent clicks from BotNets 2.0   [slides]
Adam Barth, Stanford University
2:50-3:20 Syndicators as Attestors of Premium Clicks   [slides]
Sergei Chetsov, Stanford University
3:20-3:40 Clickable CAPTCHAs   [slides]
Richard Chow, PARC
3:40-4:10 Open discussion
4:10pm End

More Information: For more information, please contact Markus Jakobsson or Dan Boneh.

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