CS142 Web Programming and Security

Course Overview

Winter 2009

Textbook Information

The following books will supplement the material in the lectures and will help with the programming projects. There may be alternative sources for this information on the internet that are available for free. A good example is w3schools.com.


  • Weekly sections will be held on Fridays 4-5pm.
  • Attendance at the sections is strongly recommended.
  • To ask questions outside of section, please email cs142ta@cs.stanford.edu.


  • There will be a weekly programming project relating to the material covered in class.
  • You may discuss the projects with other students taking the class; however, when writing up the solutions you must do so on your own.
  • Students will submit project solutions electronically. Submission instructions will be provided.
  • Projects will be due at 11:59pm on the specified deadline (usually Wednesday).
  • Extensions:  Each student has a total of 72 extension hours throughout the quarter. This automatic extension can be spent in units of 24 hours on any of the projects. Projects received after the automatic extension period will not receive credit.

Collaboration Policy Statement

Under the Honor Code at Stanford, We expect you to submit your projects for this course either individually or in groups of two (only where specifically permitted in the project instructions). On many occasions, it is useful to ask others (a TA, the instructor, or other students) for hints and debugging help, or to talk generally about problem-solving strategies and presentation. Such activity is both acceptable and encouraged, but you must indicate on your assignments any assistance you received. Any assistance received that is not given proper citation may be considered a violation of the Honor Code. In any event, you are responsible for understanding and being able to explain all of the statements in your homework and exam solutions.


There will be an in-class open book final exam during the scheduled final exam period. An alternative exam time will be scheduled a day before or after the official final exam date. No midterm exam.


Final placement in the class will be determined by computing   0.65*P + 0.35*F   where P is your average score on the programming projects and F is your score on the final exam.