CS142: Web Programming and Security

Project Submission Instructions

Use an SSH client to connect to a Leland machine, e.g. elaine.stanford.edu or myth.stanford.edu. Upload your files to your AFS space. You should use a separate directory for each project. The submit script sends all files in the current directory.

In addition to including any deliverables required by the project instructions, you should include a file called ID that includes your SUID, your leland username, and your full name (last-name-comma-first-name). For example:

052340342 gluu Luu, Gary

For group projects, include all project members in the ID file on separate lines. (Projects are individual projects unless specifically stated otherwise in the instructions.)

From your project directory, type "/usr/class/cs142/bin/submit" and answer the prompts. When prompted "Which assignment are you submitting?" enter the project number, e.g. 1 for Project 1.

You may submit multiple times. Your last submission is the one we'll count, as well as any late days used for that last submission.

Here is an example submission of project 1:

myth12:~/project1> /usr/class/cs142/bin/submit

The script is used for electronic submissions for CS142.
[If you're having trouble, try running it on the sagas.]

Submitting assignment for leland user: gluu

What is your real name?
=> Gary Luu

If you worked on this assignment with a partner, we expect the team
to submit one version, giving both names so we can properly credit it.

Did you work on this assignment with a partner? (y/n)
=> n

Which assignment are you submitting?
=> 1

Directory where your assignment lives? (relative paths are ok)
=> .

Looking for an ID file in your project directory...OK

Checking to make sure the project directory is clean...OK

Checking the size...OK

It is currently 01/09/09 11:06:07 AM
Checking on asssignment due date....on-time!

Gary Luu (gluu) submitted 1.