U-STOR-IT: A Secure Web-based File-sharing Program

The Digital U-STOR-IT distributed file-sharing application is a web-based file sharing system formulated to provide a useful service and experiment with policy development and policy requirements.

A U-STOR-IT user connects to the service using a browser, with user authentication done using client-side certificates generated by the U-STOR-IT certificate authority. Access is controlled by policy; access to an individual locker or file within a locker is determined by policy statements that may reside in several users' policy files. Each user has a policy file, but the policy language allows one user to refer to the policy of another user.

In addition to storing files, U-STOR-IT has message processing and version control facilities, providing a secure collaboration tool centered around policy concepts expressed in RT.

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Installation Guide

A version of U-STOR-IT is running. Here is a user guide.