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Windows Binaries

These are command-line executables. Follow these instructions to decrypt a message (instructions included in distribution). Also included are the current system parameters and default config files. You can run your own IBE system with these.

Source Code

The Stanford IBE system was developed under Debian GNU/Linux. The tarball contains code for the private key generator, a command-line IBE utility (which performs encryption, decryption, key recombination and key requests), a utility for generating system parameters and more.

Configuration is done by editing the Makefile. Several libraries are required for compilation. It has been successfully compiled on Solaris, albeit with minor changes to the code, and also cross-compiled for Windows with a Linux port of mingw. (See this page for some tips on cross-compiling GMP and OpenSSL.)

Required libraries: Both libraries are part of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. To install them via apt, type apt-get install libssl-dev libgmp3-dev on the command-line (as root).

Latest changes


Due to factors out of my control, the software cannot be licensed under the GPL.

This library is free for any non-profit making, educational or any non-commercial use. There may be patends pending or issued covering this software. No patent rights are granted by this license. It is your responsibility to obtain any patent licenses that are necessary for exercise of this license.

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