Anonymizing Tables

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CitationProceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Database Theory (ICDT) 2005, Springer LNCS vol. 3363, pp. 246-258.
AuthorsGagan Aggarwal
Tomas Feder
Krishnaram Kenthapadi
Rajeev Motwani
Rina Panigrahy
Dilys Thomas
An Zhu


We consider the problem of releasing tables containing personal records while ensuring individual privacy and data integrity. One of the techniques proposed in the literature is k-anonymization. A release is considered k-anonymous if the information for each person contained in the release cannot be distinguished from at least k-1 other persons whose information also appears in the release. We show that the problem of k-anonymization is NP-hard even when the attribute values are ternary. On the positive side, we give an O(k)-approximation algorithm for the problem. This improves upon the previous best known O(k log k)-approximation [MW04]. In addition, we give a 1.5-approximation algorithm for the special case of 2-anonymity, and a 2-approximation algorithm for 3-anonymity.

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