Tight Bounds for Shared Memory Systems Accessed by Byzantine Processes

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CitationTo appear in Distributed Computing
AuthorsNoga Alon
Michael Merritt
Omer Reingold
Gadi Taubenfeld
Rebecca N. Wright


We provide efficient constructions and tight bounds for shared memory systems accessed by n processes, up to t of which may exhibit Byzantine failures, in a model previously explored by Malkhi et al.. We show that sticky bits are universal in the Byzantine failure model for n \ge 3t+1, and improvement over the previous result requiring n \ge (2t+1)(t+1). Our result follows from a new strong consensus construction that uses sticky bits and tolerates t Byzantine failures among n processes for any n \ge 3t+1, the best possible bound on n for strong consensus. We also present tight bounds on the efficiency of implementations of strong consensys objects from sticky bits and similar primitive objects.

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