Accountable Privacy

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Citationin Proc. of the 12th International Workshop on Security Protocols, 2004
AuthorsMike Burmester
Yvo Desmedt
Rebecca N. Wright
Alec Yasinsac


As the Internet has gained widespread use, and advanced technologies such as high-speed multi-media technologies and automated digital monitoring have become a reality, privacy is at the greatest risk of all time. At the same time, sophisticated threats from hackers, terrorists, thieves, and others that would abuse privacy highlight the need to find technologies that provide some accountability. However, the goals of accountability and of privacy appear to be in contradiction: accountability tends to be about determining which entities committed which actions, while privacy seeks to hide this information. In this paper, we discuss the apparent conflict that exists between privacy and accountability. We survey some of the issues in privacy and in accountability and highlight research directions for balancing the needs of both.

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