Computing Diameter in the Streaming and Sliding-Window Models

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CitationAlgorithmica 41 (2005), pp. 25-41.
AuthorsJoan Feigenbaum
Sampath Kannan
Jian Zhang


We investigate the diameter problem in the streaming and sliding-window models. We show that, for a stream of n points or a sliding window of size n, any exact algorithm for diameter requires \omega(n) bits of space. We present a simple \epsilon-approximation algorithm for computing the diameter in the streaming model. Our main result is an \epsilon-approximation algorithm that maintains the diameter in two dimensions in the sliding-window model using O(1/\epsilon^{3/2} log^3n(log(R)+loglog(n)+log(1/\epsilon))) bits of space, where R is the maximum, over all windows, of the ratio of the diameter to the minimum non-zero distance between any two points in the window.

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