A Paradigm Shift in Online Policing - Designing Accountable Policing

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CitationYale Law School Dissertation, June 2005
AuthorNimrod Kozlovski


We are in the midst of a paradigm shift in policing. The paradigm of policing that has dominated modern societies is being replaced online by a new paradigm of a distinctively different form. The new model of policing is unlikely to remain confined within the boundaries of the online world and will gradually become the primary policing model in society. Most western countries have, in the last century, operated under the "professional law-enforcement model". This is a reactive model, in which professional public officers respond to the commitment of a crime. A new model of policing is emerging in the online environment. The new model is proactive and exhibits a complex hybrid of public and private organizational structure. Its mindset emphasizes security rather than criminal justice. The new model privileges risk management over detection and punishment.

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