Security holes... Who cares?

Eric Rescorla

We report on an observational study of user response following the OpenSSL remote buffer overflows of July 2002 and the worm that exploited it in September 2002. Immediately after the publication of the bug and its subsequent fix we identified a set of vulnerable servers. In the weeks that followed we regularly probed each server to determine whether it had applied one of the relevant fixes. We report two primary results. First, we find that users are generally very slow to apply the fixes. Two weeks after the bug announcement, more than two thirds of servers were still vulnerable. Second, we identify several weak predictors (and a number of non-predictors) of user response. We find that the predictors for post-bug release updating and post-worm updating differ substantially.

Gates 4B (opposite 490), 01/21/03, 4:30 PM