Trustworthy Platforms - Problems, Promises, Concepts, Practical Realities and Research Opportunities

Geroge Cox, Intel

Our computing platforms, from cell phones to servers, find themselves under ever more aggressive and tenacious attack. As we continue to become more dependent on these platforms in our daily lives, we naturally want to be able to trust that they will not fail under these attacks. Building a basis for being able to trust the robustness of our computing platforms is the subject of this talk. Topics covered will include the problems, promises, concepts, practical realities, and research opportunities in the Trustworthy Platform arena. Of particular interest are methods for dealing with legacy, system integration, and manageability issues.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. George Cox is strategist/architect with multiyear focus on use of security technologies to solve trustworthy platform and distributed system problems. George's current responsibilities center on defining and driving several of Intels security and manageability initiatives. During his 29-year career at Intel, George has played a variety of leadership and management roles across a range of technology, product, academic, and business development programs aimed at creating innovative solutions to system level problems. Examples include:

George holds MS and PhD degrees in Computer Science from Purdue University and a BA degree in Mathematics from the University of Texas, Austin. George is based at Intel's facility in Hillsboro, Oregon

Tuesday 01/17/2006 1630 hrs at Gates 4B (opposite 490)