Security Engineering - Contribution to Civilize Internet and WWW

Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel, Hasso-Plattner-Institut an der Uni Potsdam

The current status of Internet and WWW is characterized by a lot of serious security and trust problems occurring on almost all levels. There are some fundamental deficits in the "civilization" of Internet and WWWW, coming to expression e.g. in a missing common understanding even of basic concepts like digital property or privacy. To overcome these deficits intensified efforts in Internet research and development are needed.

In the lecture some of our contributions in this field are presented. We survey our research work on
1) digital warranties given by complexity theoretic bounds,
2) design of high security network components, like lock-keeper,
3) BDD-based methods that enable formal verification,
4) design of security infrastructures and policies, and
5) increasing security awareness by innovative tele-teaching, tele-task.

Gates 4B (opposite 490) Tuesday 10/04/05 1630 hrs