Recent Advances in Pairing-Based Functional Encryption

Hoeteck Wee


We present two recent results in pairing-based functional encryption (FE).

* The first is FE for attribute-weighted sums, where encryption takes as input N attribute-value pairs (x_i, z_i) where x_i is public and z_i is private; secret keys are associated with arithmetic branching programs f, and decryption returns the weighted sum \sum_{i=1}^N f(x_i)z_i while leaking no additional information about the z_i's. Moreover, the secret key has size independent of N and can decrypt a ciphertext for any a-priori unbounded N.

* The second is a simpler and improved construction of FE for quadratic functions.

All of our constructions achieve selective, simulation-based security against unbounded collusions, while relying on static assumptions in prime-order bilinear groups.

Based on joint works with Michel Abdalla (ENS) and Junqing Gong (ECNU).

Time and Place

Tuesday, October 27, 2:30pm