Batch Arguments for NP and More from Standard Bilinear Group Assumptions

David Wu


Non-interactive batch arguments for NP provide a way to amortize the cost of NP verification across multiple instances. They enable a prover to convince a verifier of multiple NP statements with communication much smaller than the total witness length and verification time much smaller than individually checking each instance.

In this talk, I introduce a direct approach for constructing batch arguments from standard bilinear map assumptions (e.g., subgroup decision or k-Lin) which avoids heavy tools like correlation-intractable hash functions or probabilistically-checkable proofs common to previous approaches. In turn, we obtain the first construction of batch arguments for NP from standard bilinear map assumptions.

As corollaries to our main construction, we also obtain a delegation scheme for RAM programs (i.e., a SNARG for P) as well as an aggregate signature scheme supporting bounded aggregation from standard bilinear map assumptions in the plain model.

Joint work with Brent Waters

Time and Place

Thursday, May 26, 2:00pm
Gates 100 and Zoom