ABE for Circuits with poly(λ)-sized Keys from LWE

Valerio Cini



We present a key-policy attribute-based encryption (ABE) scheme for circuits based on the Learning With Errors (LWE) assumption whose key size is independent of the circuit depth. Our result constitutes the first improvement for ABE for circuits from LWE in almost a decade, given by Gorbunov, Vaikuntanathan, and Wee (STOC 2013) and Boneh, et. al. (EUROCRYPT 2014) -- we reduce the key size in the latter from poly(depth, λ) to poly(λ). The starting point of our construction is a recent ABE scheme of Li, Lin, and Luo (TCC 2022), which achieves poly(λ) key size but requires pairings and generic bilinear groups in addition to LWE; we introduce new lattice techniques to eliminate the additional requirements.

Joint work with Hoeteck Wee (NTT Research)


Valerio is a Postdoc at NTT Research, working with Hoeteck Wee. Previously, he was a Ph.D. student at the Austrian Institute of Technology and TU Wien, under the supervision of Daniel Slamanig and Matteo Maffei. He has a broad research interest in lattice-based cryptography, with a recent focus on advanced encryption primitives.

Time and Place

Thursday, November 30, 4:00pm
Gates 259 & Zoom