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Join us at Stanford University, California, on September 11th, 2009, for the First Workshop on Social Network Security (SocialNetSec'09). The workshop brings together researchers and industry players to discuss key issues relating to the security and privacy of social networks. The talks will present a wide range of research challenges facing the social networks industry.

Worshop Venue

Date: Sep. 11, 2009
Location: Clark Center Auditorium (Bio-X) Directions.
Here are the latest news about the conference organization:

The location and starting time of the workshop have changed to the Clark center auditorium to accomodate a larger audience. Please update your planning.

Gerome Miklau from University of Massachusetts Amherst will give a talk about Analyzing Private Network Data using Output Perturbation. Aug  24
Kevin Bingham from DoD/Office of the secretary of defense will give a talk about DoD and Social Networking - Status and activities. Aug  24
Jasvir Nagra from Google will give a talk about Caja -- a sanitizing rewriter that makes it possible to host and compose potentially malicious third party html, css and javascript easily and safely. . Aug  24
Kun Liu from Yahoo will give a talk about privacy-preserving social-network analysis with a focus on privacy risks computations for social-networking users. Aug  24
Arvind Narayanan from Stanford Security Lab will give a talk about Privacy by Design in Social Networks: Pitfalls and Challenges. Aug  8
Palash Nandy from YouTube will give a talk about Gaming Reputation For Fame and Profit. Aug  3
Sam Altman and Nick Sivo from Loopt will give a talk about Security, Privacy, and Location. Jul  17
Tao Stein from Facebook will give the keynote about Protecting Facebook's users and their interactions. Jul  10


The workshop is organized by the Stanford Computer Security Lab.
  • Elie Bursztein, Stanford University
  • Dan Boneh, Stanford University
  • John Mitchell, Stanford University
The workshop is supported by the NSF PORTIA project.


Workshop attendance is free. Spots are limited so register early.

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