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Sixth IACR Theory of Cryptography Conference

TCC 2009

March 15-17, 2009, Golden Gateway Hotel (Holiday Inn)
San Francisco, CA, USA

Rump Session

The rump session is a chance for attendees to give brief announcements on recent research results or other developments of interest to the theoretical cryptography community. Light and humorous presentations are especially welcome.

If you would like to give a rump session talk, please send an e-mail to Rafael Pass, rafael@cs.cornell.edu, with "TCC rump session" in the subject line, and containing the following info:

  1. name of the speaker, and whether you want it to appear in the program
  2. names or pseudonyms of the responsible parties, e.g. authors of the paper you are presenting (will appear in the program)
  3. title of your talk (will appear in the program)
  4. abstract and other additional info (will not appear in the program)
  5. how many minutes you need (must be a real number between 0 and 7)
DEADLINE: Sunday, March 15, 6 p.m.