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The Applied Crypto Group is a part of the Security Lab in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University. Research projects in the group focus on various aspects of network and computer security. In particular the group focuses on applications of cryptography to real world security problems. For more information follow the links below.


Who we are



Pairings-based cryptography
Lattice-based cryptography
Quantum cryptography
Web security

Old projects

PORTIA: Managing sensitive information in a wired world
Location privacy
Identity Based Encryption email system (IBE secure email)
The ITTC project: Intrusion tolerance via threshold cryptography
Electronic wallets project: wallets for desktops and handheld devices
Generating RSA keys on the PalmPilot
Authenticating streaming data
SSL man in the middle: a crypto course project
SSL sniffer: a great way to see the SSL protocol in action

Export Control Warning: The US Government regulates the physical export or transmission of cryptographic source and corresponding object code outside the borders of the US and within the US when the recipient is an embassy or an affiliate of a foreign government. Posting encrypted code to the internet and making it publicly available is considered an export and may entail US government notification requirements. Please see Stanford's Export Control Encryption Page if you have a need to take, transfer or transmit Stanford-generated encryption code outside of the US or to share it with US-based representatives of foreign governments.