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Benedikt Bünz

I am researcher interested in applied cryptography especially as it relates to cryptocurrencies. My work focuses on enhancing the privacy, usability and security of protocols that are somehow related to blockchains. Currently I am pursuing my PhD in computer science at Stanford and am advised by Dan Boneh. I am a semi professional runner and enjoy travelling especially in inconvenient vehicles.

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• I am a third-year PhD Student in computer science at Stanford University. My advisor is Prof. Dan Boneh and I am part of the Applied Crypto Group.

• I received my M.Sc from Stanford in 2016.

• I received my B.Sc from the University of Zurich in 2014. In my thesis I studied on Combinatorial Auctions with Prof. Sven Seuken and Prof. Ben Lubin from Boston University


• I did an internship at Visa Research working on confidential smart contracts. I was advised by Shashank Agrawal.


German is my mother tongue

• I am fluent in English.

• I speak a little bit of Italian.

You can also download my full CV.