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Benedikt Bünz

I am researcher interested in applied cryptography especially as it relates to cryptocurrencies. My work focuses on enhancing the privacy, usability and security of protocols that are somehow related to blockchains. Currently I am pursuing my PhD in computer science at Stanford and am advised by Dan Boneh. In my free time I run competitevly for the peninsula distance club and enjoy travelling, especially in inconvenient vehicles.

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Random Stuff

Umlaute explained aka how to pronounce my name

Bünz which is a small river in Switzerland according to my dad means small fat farmer. A name with so much meaning deserves to be pronounced correctly. Unfortunately, the so called umlaut “ü” is a sound that doesn’t really exist in English and despite its looks it definitley doesn’t sound like a u. The international spelling of ü is ue, hence my email address and domain name: Buenz. But a ü also doesn’t sound like ue. It probably most sound like “ee” but with a rounder mouth. Just click on this link if you actually want to learn how to pronounce it. This paragraph was brought to you by the very German need to correct people (great Economist article on it).

Btw if you want to write an ü it’s option+u and u again on a mac or "u in latex.

Should I invest in Bitcoin/Ethereum etc.?

Since about a million people have asked me this, let me publicly post my answer to this question: “No idea but if you do, do not invest more than you can absolutely afford to lose.”

How to create a simple yet aesthetic website

Same way you write any program. You copy it from some place in the internet. I read Jordi Pont-Tueset’s blog on building an academic website and copied his from here. Feel free to also start by cloning my website from github. Feel free to adapt this theme to your site without linking back to me or including a disclaimer.