Introduction to Cryptography and Computer Security

(Winter 2000)



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Lectures:   Monday, Wednesday, 12:50 - 2:05, Gates B01.



Homework #1: postscript, pdf.      Grading statistics

Due:  Wednesday, Jan. 26th.          Solutions

Homework #2: postscript, pdf.

Due:  Wednesday, Feb. 9th.           Solutions: ps, pdf .

Homework #3: postscript, pdf.      Solutions: ps, pdf.

Due:  Wednesday, Mar. 1st.

Project #1: postscript, pdf.   

Due:  Monday, Feb. 21st.
Java Cryptography Extension API

Project #2: postscript, pdf.   
Extra credit starter:  postscript, pdf.
Extra credit assignment:  postscript, pdf.
Extra credit starter code.
Due:  Friday, Mar. 10th.


Students may take the final at either one of the following dates:


 Option 1:  Thursday, 3/16,  12:15-2:15pm,  Terman Auditorium.

 Option 2:  Friday,  3/17,  9:00-11:00am,  Gates B01 and Gates B03.


Course syllabus
Basic number theory fact sheet, part I: postscript, pdf
Basic number theory fact sheet, part II: postscript, pdf
Proper use of RSA encryption:  pdf 

Previous final exams:   1998.pdf,   1999.pdf.

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