Flexible OS support and applications for trusted computing

Authors: Tal Garfinkel, M. Rosenblum, and D. Boneh

Trusted computing (e.g TCPA and Palladium) receieved considerable attention over the past year. The technology and the capabilities it provides, if correctly implemented, have the potential to radically improve the security and robustness of distributed systems. Unfortunately, the debate over its application to DRM has caused its significant other applications to be largely overlooked. In this paper we present a broader vision for trusted computing. We give an intuitive model for understanding the capabilities and limitations of trusted computing systems and explain the mechanisms it provides. We describe an OS architecture to support trusted computing and a range of practical applications that illustrate how trusted computing can be used to improve security and robustness in distributed systems.

In the 9th Hot Topics in Operating Systems (HOTOS-IX), 2003

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