David Wu

David Wu 

David Wu
Department of Computer Science
Stanford University

Email: dwu4@cs.stanford.edu

Research Interests: Cryptography, Computer Security
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About Me

I am a PhD student in the Applied Cryptography Group at Stanford, advised by Dan Boneh. My work focuses on both applied and theoretical cryptography, and in particular, their applications across computer science, including computer security, machine learning, and computational biology. Please see my publications, talks, and projects pages for a more comprehensive overview of the things I have worked on. In the more distant past, I have also worked with Andrew Ng on deep learning.

In Spring, 2018, I co-taught Advanced Topics in Cryptography (CS 355) with Henry Corrigan-Gibbs and Sam Kim.

In Spring, 2017, I co-taught Classics of Cryptography (CS 359C) with Henry Corrigan-Gibbs.

I am on the program committee for Eurocrypt 2019.

Contact Information

  • Gates Computer Science Building, Room 492
    353 Serra Mall
    Stanford, CA 94305