Conference Proceedings

Lattice-Based SNARGs and Their Application to More Efficient Obfuscation

Dan Boneh, Yuval Ishai, Amit Sahai, and David J. Wu
Eurocrypt, 2017

Functional Encryption: Deterministic to Randomized Functions from Simple Assumptions

Shashank Agrawal and David J. Wu
Eurocrypt, 2017

Constraining Pseudorandom Functions Privately

Dan Boneh, Kevin Lewi, and David J. Wu
International Conference on Practice and Theory of Public-Key Cryptography (PKC), 2017

Order-Revealing Encryption: New Constructions, Applications, and Lower Bounds

Kevin Lewi and David J. Wu
ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS), 2016

Privacy, Discovery, and Authentication for the Internet of Things

David J. Wu, Ankur Taly, Asim Shankar, and Dan Boneh
European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS), 2016
Outstanding Paper Award

Practical Order-Revealing Encryption with Limited Leakage

Nathan Chenette, Kevin Lewi, Stephen A. Weis, and David J. Wu
Fast Software Encryption (FSE), 2016

Privacy-Preserving Shortest Path Computation

David J. Wu, Joe Zimmerman, Jérémy Planul, and John C. Mitchell
Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS), 2016

Private Database Queries using Somewhat Homomorphic Encryption

Dan Boneh, Craig Gentry, Shai Halevi, Frank Wang, and David J. Wu
Applied Cryptography and Network Security (ACNS), 2013

Deep Learning with COTS HPC Systems

Adam Coates, Brody Huval, Tao Wang, David J. Wu, Andrew Y. Ng, and Bryan Catanzaro
International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), 2013

End-to-End Text Recognition with Convolutional Neural Networks

Tao Wang, David J. Wu, Adam Coates, and Andrew Y. Ng
International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), 2012

Text Detection and Character Recognition in Scene Images with Unsupervised Feature Learning

Adam Coates, Blake Carpenter, Carl Case, Sanjeev Satheesh, Bipin Suresh, Tao Wang, David J. Wu, and Andrew Y. Ng
International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR), 2011
Best Student Paper Award

Journal Articles

Privately Evaluating Decision Trees and Random Forests

David J. Wu, Tony Feng, Michael Naehrig, and Kristin Lauter
Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium (PETS), 2016


Revealing the Causative Variant in Mendelian Patient Genomes without Revealing Patient Genomes

Karthik A. Jagadeesh, David J. Wu, Johannes A. Birgmeier, Dan Boneh, and Gill Bejerano

Function-Hiding Inner Product Encryption is Practical

Sam Kim, Kevin Lewi, Avradip Mandal, Hart Montgomery, Arnab Roy, and David J. Wu

Immunizing Multilinear Maps Against Zeroizing Attacks

Dan Boneh, David J. Wu, and Joe Zimmerman

Other Articles

Fully Homomorphic Encryption: Cryptography's Holy Grail

David J. Wu
XRDS: Crossroads, The ACM Magazine for Students, 2015