Ninghui Li

  Ninghui at Sea World San Diego.

Research Associate
Department of Computer Science
Stanford University
Gates 4B
Stanford, CA 94305-4095

Phone (650) 723-3705
Fax (650) 725-4671


My research interests are in computer security and applied cryptography, e.g., security and privacy in distributed systems, networks, databases, and electronic commerce, with a focus on access control. I have been working on trust management, authentication and authorization in distributed systems, automated trust negotiation, applied cryptography, public-key infrastructure, certificate revocation, etc. At Stanford, my research is mostly supported by Agile Management of Dynamic Collaboration (DARPA Dynamic Coalitions Program). For more information about my research, see my publications and projects.

Conferences I have been involved with:

Brief Biography

In September 2000, I received a PhD in Computer Science from Department of Computer Science at New York University. Since then, I have been working in Stanford University as a research associate. I was a doctoral student in NYU since 1995. Before that, I spent two years at Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences as a master student.

In 1974, I was born in Anshan, an industrial city in the northeastern part of China. When I was eight, my family moved to Changsha, a southern city of China and the capital city of Hunan Province. From 1985 to 1988, I attended the Attached Middle School of Hunan Normal University. In 1988, I entered Special Class for Gifted Young at University of Science and Technology of China. My class' home page is here.

Personal Interests

I love history in general, especially the military history of China. I used to play computer strategy games; my favorites were the Heroes of Might and Magic series and the Civilization series. My wife and I have a small collection of board games, and we play them with our friends from time to time. My favorites are Settlers of Catan, Acquire, and Scotland Yard. I've played Go in the past, ranking about 2 kyu. I enjoy hiking and going to the movies with my wife.