About Bliss

Back in my DOS/Windows days, I'd play around with various sound programs: ModEdit, FastTracker, ScreamTracker, etc. One of the later ones I liked was Buzz, a real-time modular software synthesizer.

It only ran in Windows unfortunately. Now I'm trying to write my own synthesizer. I'm calling it "Bliss". For now, it's an acronym for "Ben Lynn's Idiotic Soft Synth" but hopefully the "i" will stand for "Incredible" one day.

I started on this project when I couldn't find similar programs for Linux. Now there are several.

My first version was written in Eiffel. I later rewrote it in C, with my top priority being Buzz compatibility. But then I started to have issues with the interface and general design. I've restarted yet again with slightly different goals.


Ancient versions:

screen-0.01.png screen-0.02.png screen-0.03.png

Old versions of the current code:

screen-0.1.0.png screen-0.1.1.png