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Rattlesnake Canyon
Rattlesnake Canyon is about half a mile from Antelope Canyon. Because the top is more open than Antelope Canyon, you don't get the shafts of light or the glowing walls. On the other hand, it's a far narrower canyon and has interesting sinuous passages that resemble a snake.

rattlesnakecanyon09 Texture of the walls. rattlesnakecanyon10 Texture of the walls. rattlesnakecanyon01 rattlesnakecanyon02 Serene squeezing through a tight passageway. rattlesnakecanyon03 rattlesnakecanyon04 rattlesnakecanyon05 rattlesnakecanyon05-n Taken by Nancy. rattlesnakecanyon06 rattlesnakecanyon05-n2 Squeezing through the narrow passages in Rattlesnake Canyon. Taken by Nancy. rattlesnakecanyon07-bw rattlesnakecanyon07 The reason for the canyon name. rattlesnakecanyon08