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Cambodia Highlights

Our favourite photos from Cambodia.

crw_6245 Two apsaras arm in arm in Angkor Wat. crw_6426 The many faces of the Bayon illuminated through a break in the clouds. crw_6495 Alpenglow on the towers of Angkor Wat. crw_6579 Guardian lion watching over Pre Rup at sunrise. crw_6602 Guardian lions of Pre Rup. crw_6609 Statues of Gods lining the bridge to the West Gate of Angkor Thom. crw_6662 Lichen covered doorway in Ta Prohm. crw_6688 Silk cotton tree growing on the ruins in Ta Prohm. crw_6710 Unrestored ruins with an apsara in the background in Ta Prohm. crw_6818 Plant illuminated by sunlight on the lintel of a doorway in Ta Prohm. crw_6837 Devotee tending to a Buddhist altar in Ta Prohm. crw_6868 Interior carvings in Prasat Kravan. crw_6945 Angkor Wat at sunset. crw_7241 Villagers carrying thatch on their bicycles to the market. We also saw villagers carrying large numbers of coconuts (> 20) on their bicycles but I didn't manage to get a picture of that. crw_7267 Buddhist monks walking towards Bakong at sunset.