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Angkor Wat
Ta and Thy met us at the airport in the morning and our first stop was Angkor Wat. Stepping out from the plane, we immediately wilted from the oppressive heat and didn't get used to it over the next three days. Angkor Wat, as expected, was spectacular. We stopped at Angkor Wat twice more after the first morning. The first was on the way back to guesthouse after hiking up Phnom Bakheng for sunset (disappointing and very crowded so don't bother); on the way back, I noticed the beginnings of alpenglow on Angkor Wat and got Thy to stop the car outside Angkor Wat; we didn't have time to enter the temple before the glow faded. We again visited Angkor Wat at sunset the next day but unfortunately the light wasn't as nice as the previous day.

crw_6198 An apsara carving near the south entrance of Angkor Wat. crw_6232 The inside of the south exterior wall of Angkor Wat. crw_6245 Two apsaras arm in arm in Angkor Wat. crw_6263 Trees through a building in Angkor Wat. crw_6286 The temple corridor in Angkor Wat. crw_6291 The north side of the Angkor Wat temple. crw_6309 Birds circling above locals climbing up the steep stairway to the third level of Angkor Wat. crw_6341 Serene hiding from the relentless heat. crw_6356 Serene with the northeast tower in the background. crw_6495 Alpenglow on the towers of Angkor Wat. crw_6497 Alpenglow on the towers of Angkor Wat. crw_6945 Angkor Wat at sunset. crw_6956 Serene and Eu-Jin in Angkor Wat at sunset. crw_6984 Angkor Wat at sunset. crw_7010 Rainbow above Angkor Wat just after sunset.