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Pre Rup and Ta Prohm
The only sunrise we caught was at Pre Rup, a temple east of Angkor Thom. Pre Rup's stone lions set against the sky made for good pictures but I unfortunately didn't notice them till the sun had already risen. Ta Prohm is probably my favourite temple of this trip; the silk cotton trees and strangler figs growing on ruins, as well as the dappled light filtering through the trees, lend the temple an atmosphere of exploration. For this reason, parts of the first Tomb Raider movie was filmed in Ta Prohm.

crw_6569 Pre Rup at sunrise. crw_6579 Guardian lion watching over Pre Rup at sunrise. crw_6602 Guardian lions of Pre Rup. crw_6662 Lichen covered doorway in Ta Prohm. crw_6675 Silk cotton tree growing on the ruins in Ta Prohm. crw_6688 Silk cotton tree growing on the ruins in Ta Prohm. crw_6710 Unrestored ruins with an apsara in the background in Ta Prohm. crw_6747 Temple guard in Ta Prohm. crw_6751 Serene standing between the roots of a silk cotton tree in Ta Prohm. crw_6768 Our guide, Ta, pointing something out to Serene in Ta Prohm. crw_6772 A silk cotton tree growing on the roof of a building in Ta Prohm. crw_6809 Eu-Jin looking at a strangler fig in Ta Prohm. crw_6810 Serene in Ta Prohm. crw_6818 Plant illuminated by sunlight on the lintel of a doorway in Ta Prohm. crw_6837 Devotee tending to a Buddhist altar in Ta Prohm. crw_6849 Stegosaurus-like carving in Ta Prohm.