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Banteay Srey and Beng Melea
We visited Banteay Srey and Beng Melea on our last day in Cambodia. We liked Ta Prohm so much the previous day that we changed our itinerary so that we could visit Beng Melea, which is another jungle temple. It was fun scrambling up and down ruined walls and roofs in Beng Melea but we didn't think it was quite as scenic as Ta Prohm. Banteay Srei is famous for its intricate carvings in the pink sandstone. Unfortunately, I don't think we fully appreciated it because we were slightly tired of temples after two full days of wandering around temples.

crw_7021 Workers cleaning weeds and algae from Sras Srang. crw_7049 Reflection of Banteay Srey. crw_7052 Sanskrit writing in Banteay Srey. crw_7102 A blocked entrance in Beng Melea. crw_7165 A large spider with one missing leg in Beng Melea. This photo is 1:4 times lifesize. crw_7181 Strangler fig in Beng Melea. crw_7209 Rubble covering a doorway in Beng Melea. crw_7216 Serene nursing her head after colliding with a lintel while scrambling up to the roof. crw_7228 Strangler fig roots in Beng Melea. crw_7230 Stranger fig roots surrounding a window in Beng Melea.