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Roluos Group
We had a few hours extra after visiting Beng Melea, and so we made a quick stop at Preah Ko and Bakong, which belong to the Roluos group of temples. We were pretty templed out at this point so we certainly didn't fully appreciate the two places. Serene was swarmed by scarf vendors at Preah Ko and ended up with quite a few silk scarves.

crw_7241 Villagers carrying thatch on their bicycles to the market. We also saw villagers carrying large numbers of coconuts (> 20) on their bicycles but I didn't manage to get a picture of that. crw_7247 A local strapping more stuff on top of a seriously overloaded truck. crw_7251 Serene clearly enjoying two glutinuous rice sticks in the car. crw_7263 Serene swarmed by scarf vendors outside Preah Ko. crw_7267 Buddhist monks walking towards Bakong at sunset. crw_7272 Guardian lions in Bakong. crw_7290 Elephant statues in Bakong. crw_7301 Moonrise over Bakong.