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If you don't have time to look through all our photos, these are our favourites.

crw_2832 Flamingos feeding at Laguna Chaxa. crw_2982 Valle de la Muerte near San Pedro de Atacama. crw_2994 Serene walking on a sand dune to the Valle de la Luna lookout. crw_3038 Ice penitents near the base of Cerro Toco. crw_3053 Ivan, Vincent, and Laurence at the bottom of the scree ridge. crw_3072-6-pano Panorama into Bolivia (facing North) from the summit of Cerro Toco. crw_3119-ray-3813 Taking photographs at the shore of Laguna Blanca. Taken by Ray Woo. crw_3119 Volcano with reflection on Laguna Blanca. crw_3122-4-pano Many volcanoes reflected on Laguna Blanca. crw_3140 Circumhorizontal Arc near Laguna Verde. crw_3144-6-pano Bright green Laguna Verde (4400 m / 14435 ft) with Volcan Licancabur (right, 5916 m / 19409 ft) and Volcan Juriques (5740 m / 18832 ft) in the background. crw_3211 A small portion of the large number of flamingos nesting in Laguna Colorada. crw_3301 Moon rising over the Salar de Uyuni near sunset. crw_3311 Salar de Uyuni near sunset. crw_3312-ray-3970 Serene and I perched on the tallest boulder at the viewpoint over the Salar de Uyuni. Taken by Ray Woo. crw_3312 Cacti near the overlook behind the refugio in Chuvica. crw_3315-ray-3983 Serene about to head down from the viewpoint while I'm taking a photo of Ray. Taken by Ray Woo. crw_3396 Jeep travelling in the vast Salar. crw_3410 Serene's got me in the palm of her hand. crw_3476 Orchids growing alongside the trail. crw_3497 Alpenglow on mountains behind Lago Dickson. This was the only sunset alpenglow I saw on the circuit. crw_3925 We woke up early and hiked up to the Torres del Paine mirador for sunrise and all we got was this lousy glow. At least it wasn't fogged in. crw_3981 Signpost at the fork to Laguna Torre, with Fitzroy in the background. crw_4094 Poincenot (left) and Fitzroy (right) from Laguna de los Tres just after sunrise. crw_4128 From left: Aguja de la S (2335 m), Saint Exupery (2558 m), Rafael (2482 m), Poincenot (3002 m), De la Silla (2938 m), Fitzroy (3405 m), Mermoz (2732 m), Guillaumet (2579 m) crw_4147 From left: Cerro Torre (3102 m), Egger (2900 m), and Standhardt (2800 m). crw_4255 While waiting for pieces of the glacier to calve off, I noticed these interesting light effects on the glacier as the sun moved in and out of the cloud cover. crw_4265 A piece of the glacier calving off into the lake. crw_4348 Three boys playing with their dog at sunset. crw_4354 Lenticular clouds at sunset. These clouds appear very frequently in Patagonia.