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Puerto Natales
On our way back to Punta Arenas from El Calafate, we made a last minute decision to break up the bus ride and stay in Concepto Indigo again for another night. I went out at sunset to take some photos and this time, the sunset was not obscured by clouds. We ate again at El Maritimo, which we thought served much better food than La Ultima Esperanza (a fancier restaurant highly recommended in several guidebooks).

crw_4316 We stayed at Concepto Indigo for three nights. The view from the rooms is pretty good and the manager, Loretto, is really friendly. crw_4343 Sunset on our third night in Puerto Natales. crw_4348 Three boys playing with their dog at sunset. crw_4354 Lenticular clouds at sunset. These clouds appear very frequently in Patagonia.